The Announcement

ray-hollen-pic2Hello friends. It is with great pleasure I am writing this. I want you to know that I am very excited to have made the decision to run for the West Virginia House of Delegates, “District 9”, in the 2016 Election. Although I had several people asking for me to run, I only made this decision after spending time in prayer.

As we can all agree during these challenging times, there is a need for strong conservative leadership in Charleston. Without this type of leadership, we are going to be faced with higher unemployment, compromised second amendment rights, a poor economy, and our moral values degraded. I am no stranger to leading with integrity, serving honorably, and being fully committed. With this, I am ready to serve the people of my district and those across this great state.

I would like for you to join with me in making the 9th District and West Virginia a better place. You can do so, by clicking on the support link. Also, please join us on Facebook.

“Because Tomorrow Matters, Today!”

Thank you and God Bless.

If you would like to be part of my campaign, there are some great ways listed on the website. You can also send any campaign donations via US Postal service to the following:

The Committee to Elect Ray Hollen
Dennis F. Morgan, Treasurer
4557 Southern Hwy
Mineral Wells, WV 26150

WV State Laws require that any campaign donation requires your full name. Any over $50.00 require name and address. Any over $250.00 require name, address, and employer. There is a $1,000 limit to donations from an individual before the primary election (May) and then again between the primary and the general election (November).